How to choose an electric grill for your home: options, tips, best models

Are you having trouble giving up grilled food? And the lion’s share of the year you live in an apartment? There is no need to deprive yourself of your favorite dishes, because a device such as an electric grill has long been invented. Which grill model to choose, we will tell you in this material.

Spring and summer are barbecues and kebabs, but not always and everywhere you can grill food. For example, in winter, in a city apartment it seems impossible at all. However, such a representation is wrong, the main thing – to understand how to choose the electric grill for home.

Buying this kitchen appliance is not as simple as it might seem. There are quite a few modifications of this appliance, and it is not very cheap, so the choice of electric grill for home – it’s very serious.

The grill has many advantages, the main of which is that it allows you to cook many very healthy dishes. The electric grill can be used in any room with good ventilation and electricity. Usually it has a thermostat system to easily regulate the temperature, which is very important when cooking, for example, steaks. In addition, the electric grill heats up quickly and thus saves time, and thanks to the absence of open flames, it is safer than gas. Many Electric Grill models are lightweight and fairly mobile.

Different types of grills

There are several modifications of the electric grill.


The open type electric grill is most similar to a traditional street grill. Food cooked here needs to be turned over to be cooked on both sides. An outdoor grill allows you to grill thicker pieces of meat and often has a wider heating surface. In addition, an open grill is usually easier to grill than a closed grill. A pan of this kind usually has a smooth rather than fluted surface, so it is ideal for bacon, eggs and pancakes. Of course, meat and vegetables can be cooked here, but the typical lines left on food by the ribbed surface of the grill pan or the grill grid will be missing. When buying, you should consider that since the open grill is very smoky, you should provide a powerful hood in the room where it is located.

Closed electric grill: This appliance has a hinged lid that closes and presses the food. Accordingly, there are two heating surfaces: one at the top, one at the bottom and both sides of the food are roasted simultaneously. In a closed grill, the food is cooked faster, but its dimensions are compact enough to feed up to 2 people at a time. A big plus is the absence of splashes and smoke, as the lid protects your home from such “waste production”. Closed grills can be very small, table-top. Such models can be easily placed on the kitchen table. They are small and practical for fast cooking.

In addition, there are contactless electric grills where the food being cooked does not touch the heat source, i.e. the frying pan, but is cooked in a hot air stream.

In addition, electric grills can be different in type of placement.
The largest of them are called stationary. These are kitchen appliances for true lovers of dishes prepared in this way. They can be put separately or built into a kitchen set.

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Portable devices are convenient, as they allow you to organize a “snack-brill” almost anywhere, even in the smallest kitchen. This is the reason why they have become particularly popular. There is a particularly high demand for compact models that are easy to clean after use. Among the compact electric grills, there are quite large models that will find their place, for example, in the country house. If you need just such a device, pay attention to the stability of the structure.

How do I choose an electric grill for my home?

When you buy an electric grill for your home, you should pay attention to the power of the device. The higher it is, the higher the performance of the appliance. The power of the Portable Compact Grill can be less than 1000 Watt, but the ideal grill should work between 1500 and 2000 Watt.

Material and shape of the frying pan surface: it can be either smooth or corrugated, made of cast iron or aluminium – both are good options. However, make sure that the heating surface of the grill is covered with a non-stick layer, otherwise the food will burn.

This factor is very important, so let’s talk about it in more detail. The best choice is an electric grill, whose surface is suitable for any dish. It can be either corrugated or smooth, or it can be equipped with interchangeable panels made of heat-resistant materials such as stainless steel or aluminium. Today, electric grills with a heating surface made of vitrified clay are also produced, but such appliances, for all their beauty, have all the disadvantages of this material, for example, the frying pan can simply crack if you splash cold water on it without letting it cool enough.

Temperature control: an electric grill is usually equipped with a digital or mechanical cooking temperature controller.

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The presence of a container for collecting fat. This is especially important if you are planning to buy an open type grill, but it is preferable to choose a closed model that has a similar tray.

A heat indicator to indicate that the surface of the pan has reached the desired temperature. Many electric grills also have a timer and an automatic shut-off function.

Finally, the device should be easy to handle and clean. The big advantage is the removable accessories that can be washed in the dishwasher. In addition, their presence extends the functionality of the device by allowing you to bake, for example, waffles or roast a sandwich.

It should also be mentioned that each manufacturer offers some “chip” that makes its device unique. For example, we liked the idea of having a special container in which you can pour a mixture of water and spices. When the water evaporates, it gives the flavor of spices to the dish.

So, let’s summarize: a large stationary open (and closed) type electric grill is suitable for a cottage or dacha: with its help you can feed a large company. However, it is only possible if electricity is not very expensive in your area. In an opposite situation, it is better to give preference to a gas device, for example.

A compact indoor electric grill with removable panels is suitable for a city apartment: it is practical and very convenient.

Electric grill: use and maintenance

If you just bought an electric grill, look for the best place for it. Of course, it is best to place it next to the nearest socket and 5 cm from the walls. Then you should heat it up to its maximum temperature. When the light goes out, you can set the temperature needed for cooking. Using a cooking brush, apply some fat to the heating surface, then place the food you want to cook. When the cooking cycle is finished, unplug the appliance. Please note that the appliance cannot be moved after it has been switched on.

Maintaining a compact electric grill is usually very easy as the appliance is mobile and the removable panels can be washed in the dishwasher. However, you should always clean the grill not only from the inside but also from the outside to avoid layers of fat. The outside surfaces and the grease tray can be cleaned with warm soap and water. By the way, it is interesting that grilled juice and fat can be used for other dishes. The grill grill grate should be washed by hand without using abrasives or hard sponges and brushes.

A few more useful tips

  • To avoid damaging the unburned surfaces of the grill, use a plastic or wood spatula.
  • Get a cooking thermometer to ensure that the meat has reached the correct cooking temperature.
  • If you add water to the grease tray before using the grill, the amount of smoke will decrease.

Popular manufacturers of electric grills

Today electric grills are produced by many well-known brands of household appliances. One of the leaders in this category is Redmond. The company’s range includes “smart” models, which, for example, determine the thickness of the steak and allow to achieve the desired degree of frying. SteakMaster REDMOND RGM-M805 can do this:

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The model has 7 automatic programs, including “Preheating” and “Defrosting”. The halves of the grill are rotated through 180°, so it can also be used as a barbecue.

Quite a budget version of the electric grill is produced by Maxwell. Thus, the model MW-1960 ST costs about 4000 rubles, but the dish does not dry out and at the same time it cooks quickly. The temperature can be adjusted, and the fat is collected in a pallet. This grill is a great way to cook vegetables and sandwiches. Unfortunately, it has a fixed frying pan.

For owners of small apartments, the VITEK 2630 ST, which is very compact and inexpensive, is the right choice. Despite its size and cost, the device has high power and hinged system (lid pressure can be adjusted).

For larger homes, Philips HD 6360/20 is the right choice. With 2000W of power, it can cook at different temperatures. Everything from the measuring cup to the glass surface of the lid is washed here. There is a special spice container in the design: if you put the right spices in there, the dish will be much more aromatic. The price of the device starts from 7000 rubles.

Excellent choice – Tefal GC306012, costs 100% of the money spent. It has removable panels that can work as a grill, barbecue and oven. This increases the range of possibilities: the device can fry eggs or bake waffles – and everything is equally successful.