Armchairs advertiser, their features and types of constructions

Choosing furniture for interior arrangement, each of us strives to find the best option for personal convenience. We are all familiar with such a concept as heavenly bliss, which implies an unrealistically pleasant feeling. From all possible models of furniture, the maximum comfort and convenience will present the chair advertiser, and all thanks to its unusual thought-out design.

Design of chair advertiser

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Seats advertisers were first presented in 1928 in Michigan. Designers Edward Knabusch and Edwin Shoemake, who are the founders of the world famous Floral City Furniture Company, worked on the development of functional, comfortable furniture element. Today, the modern market offers a variety of practical and comfortable chairs for advertisers.

In modern developments of upholstered furniture one of the most promising areas is the production, production of models in whose frames for the transformation of manual mechanisms, electronics. Armchairs with electric drive are rapidly gaining recognition among consumers around the world and are considered the most comfortable models for leisure and for work.

Advertiser – an innovative version of highly mechanized chairs. Such models are most often used in the highest classes of aircraft, offices, fashionable hotel complexes, cruise ships, public places. Such a model can be used as a rocking chair.

Depending on the model, this element of upholstered furniture can be equipped with various types of mechanisms, innovative electronics, as well as have a variety of design and shape.

At first glance, at the request of the owners, the chair can be transformed into a comfortable rocking chair, comfortable lounge chair, to take different positions. You can increase the comfort of seats advertisers can be through multi-layer cushions, electronically adjustable armrests, delicate transformation mechanisms.

Manufacturers of furniture products design chairs advertisers taking into account the anatomical features of the human body, which promotes maximum comfort and relaxation. Regardless of the model, armchairs advertisers are an organic combination of unique exclusive design with a high degree of reliability of a specially thought-out design.

Principle of operation


When thinking about the interior of an office, it is important to find the optimal balance between classic design options and innovative technological advances. Such an organic combination of chairs with an advertising mechanism. Based on the name of this element of furniture, in translation into Russian “recline” means to lie down, get stuck.

Depending on the degree of angle of deviation of the back, leg supports, armchairs advertisiners support several basic provisions:

  • raised position – the backrest is deflected by about a hundred degrees. The leg support is hidden. There is a body position. It implies a slight deflection of no more than 115 degrees when the leg support is raised. This position provides maximum comfort while watching TV programs, movies;
  • Relax position – the chair is fully unfolded, the backrest is deflected by 130-146 degrees. The stand is fully raised. This option is suitable for relaxation, sleep, reading your favorite book.

Armchairs advertisers rotate 360 degrees, which is ideal for rapid adjustment of important work processes in the office. Armchairs with an advertising mechanism can be equipped with special mechanisms – gliders. By pulling a small lever on the side panel, the model turns into a rocking chair. The footrest takes a horizontal position, the backrest, the seat slightly deflected back. The rocking chair is suitable for relaxation, comfortable, pleasant rest. Measured swaying in the dim light of the lamp will distract you from everyday problems.

Features of transformation mechanisms

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The position of the recliner seat can be selected mechanically or by means of an automatic electronic system controlled by the remote control. The chair mechanisms of the advertisers are responsible for every movement of the body. In addition, all devices are simple and easy to use. To transform a chair with an advertiser mechanism, simply press the button on the remote control.

The consoles have different designs and can be:

  • wired – they are connected to a power supply;
  • wireless (remote) – can work from a distance of up to twenty meters.
  • Armchair advertiser remote
  • Wireless
  • Armchair advertiser wired
  • Wired
  • Wireless remote controls are a more practical option, but in this case the cost of such models will be much higher.

In the mechanical variant of transformation, to change the position of the backrest, sitting on the chair it is necessary to press it forcibly. Under the weight of the human body, the backrest will gradually lean back, the stand will be extended. The mechanism gradually starts to fold as the body moves forward. There are variants in which there is a lever for quick change of model position.

Armchairs advertisers with automatic control system are equipped with an electric drive. Electric armchairs change their position (folding out) after pressing a button on the control panel. There are models equipped with infinitely adjustable positions, which can be fixed by choosing a convenient option for work, rest. In more expensive models, there is a function to record the most convenient, frequently used positions, which are activated by pressing the desired radio remote control buttons.

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There are three options for transformation mechanisms:

devices that do not have their own foundation. Mounted directly on the model’s wooden frame. As a rule, there are three fixed positions in such products during unfolding. The footrest is equipped with a stand “dolphin”, telescopic guides;
mechanisms with their own base. Provide rotation of the chair in any direction by 360 degrees. Such a system can be equipped with a device that provides wobbling (rocking chair);
mechanisms for modular structures. Built-in sofas advertisers. At your discretion, you can adjust the backrest positions for individual modules.
The choice of mechanisms depends on personal preferences, but in practice, a more convenient option can be called models with automatic adjustment of positions.

Materials of manufacture

Advertisers’ products usually have a classic, laconic, sophisticated design. For upholstery use practical, wear-resistant natural, environmentally friendly materials – eco leather, pressed leather, various types of textiles. There are models in which the upholstery is made of leatherette and leather. This element of furniture harmoniously fits into any interior concept of interior design of rooms and premises.

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The rocking models made of the following types of materials are popular:

  • velvet, velour – a pleasant to the touch material that quickly gets dirty. Such material wears out quickly and needs careful care;
  • natural leather – durable, easy to care for, but quite expensive;
  • eco leather – practically in anything concedes to a natural material, but it is much cheaper on cost;
  • jacquard – a beautiful material, distinguished by its durability and resistance to wear;
  • microfibre – a durable, pleasant to the touch fabric;
  • flock – easy to maintain material with a wide variety of colours and textures.

Birch plywood, coniferous timber of the highest category and other high quality practical materials are used for frame production. The cushion from polyurethane is made on special innovative technology. To give the products more softness, for comfortable rest is used synthesized. As a filler for the backrest cushion qualitative fillers of salt are used.

All models of advertisers are made taking into account the anatomical features of the human body, which in turn provides an even distribution of load on the spine.

On the back of the chair, which has anatomically correct shape, there is an area to support the spine. This design helps to relax the muscles if a person works in one position for a long time. A special roller reduces the load on the spinal column by keeping the spine anatomically correct, even.

The headrest of advertising chairs is adjustable in height, angle and has a practical ergonomic shape, which reduces the load on the cervical vertebrae in sitting position. If you wish, you can choose the optimal angle, taking into account what you plan to do – work, watch TV, read, just relax or unwind. In the unfolded version, the headrest serves as an orthopaedic cushion.

Manufacturers offer a variety of chairs advertising, so you can always choose a model that will harmoniously fit into the interior concept, design rooms. Armchairs with an advertising mechanism are suitable for home, modern office. Ergonomic shape, comfortable backrest, seat contribute to rest, relaxation, comfortable work.

When choosing a model, so that the design of the chair advertiser fits in all positions, especially in disassembled form, take into account the size of your room, office. Seats advertisiners are equipped with special mechanisms, which significantly increases the functionality of such furniture.

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Additional features

The choice of advertising models presented in the modern furniture industry market is quite large. For this reason, manufacturers are trying to equip their product lines with additional features and useful functions.

Among the most attractive additional functions of products with a mechanism advertiser can be distinguished:

  • the presence of a rotation mechanism;
  • a built-in rocking mechanism;
  • built-in massager;
  • most models with massage function support over forty modes;
  • reheating;
  • availability of audio system;
  • a memory card that remembers the most comfortable positions.

There are also specially designed office models of advertisers, which reduce the load on the spine, back muscular structures, preventing the development of serious diseases such as scoliosis, osteochondrosis. For this purpose, there is a whole system of exercises that can be performed without getting up from the chair.

You can increase the height by installing an additional round base. Perfectly thought-out functionality makes it possible to attach a netbook table to the chair, install a compact tea or coffee table on the armrest.

Furniture with advertising mechanism is one of the most successful, high-tech inventions of mankind. Advertisers will not only present unsurpassed convenience and comfort, but also will be a great addition to any interior.