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To all novelties in kitchen appliances Russian people are wary, sometimes even skeptical. And although dishwashers are not new for a long time, they have not been widely purchased from us. Maybe it’s only a matter of time, or maybe the reason is different. Whether you need a dishwasher, you can determine for yourself by studying the advantages and disadvantages of using this machine.


  • Saving time and effort. Imagine how much time it takes to wash all the dishes after a home party, but instead you want to rest so much. If you have a large family, it also takes a lot of time to do the dishes every day. Dishwasher owners have a huge amount of time, and their nervous system is also stronger, as the mere thought of washing a mountain of dirty dishes in some people’s eyes twitches;
  • washing dishes can be done at any time, even if you’re away from home. Many people prefer to turn the device on at night, when electricity is cheaper;
  • no hot water is required – the machine will heat it up itself, although there are options for connecting the machine to a hot water source;
  • saving water. Dishwasher consumes 3-5 times less water than you when washing on your own;
  • you can use strong detergents, which cannot be used for manual washing;
  • due to high temperatures, the machine perfectly cleans dishes from “chemistry” and dries them. The quality of washing is at a high level and can hardly be compared with a hand wash;
  • versatility. In the machine, in addition to dishes, you can wash toys, combs, filters, cooker hoods, refrigerator trays and more.

Minuses are also present:

  • The dishwasher takes up space, and it’s decent enough. You’ll have to sacrifice one of the storage areas and think about free access to the door to open and close it;
  • the need to buy consumables (tablets, salt, rinse aid), and they cost more than regular dishwashing products;
  • the car itself is also worth money, but almost all those who are not stingy and have made the purchase admit that the money spent is worth it;
  • the machine can’t load and unload itself, and it can’t clean the plates from the scraps, so you’ll have to take the time, albeit a little, to wash the dishes;
  • if you need to wash just a little bit of the dishes, you can do it faster without the machine;
  • you’ll have to remove the soot and food on your own, but with other contaminants like perennial fatty deposits, the machine will do it easily;
  • not all dishes can be washed in the dishwasher: Crystal can become clouded, wood can break, and cast iron can become rusty.

Deciding to buy, you need to assess not only your budget and the real needs in this unit (for a person who lives alone, or for a family of 2 people the device is not so necessary), but also the area of the kitchen and the ability to fit into it dishwasher.

You own the house? Buy a big grill!

For owners of a house or summer cottage you should buy a wood grill. With it you can easily cook delicious toasted steaks or aromatic shish kebab steak on the grill. The most common is a double-sided grill, where you put prepared pieces of meat. The grill is placed on the grill with hot coals and fried in high heat until it is ready. The meat must remain juicy, so you must take care not to overcook the trout on the grill.

In addition to the simple ones, there are expensive models with a built-in spit and grill, electric motor. When buying a wood grill, it is better to buy reliable cast iron models: steel will break through in a couple of years if used intensively. Normally, the grill should last at least 10 years. When choosing a grill, pay attention to the thickness of the bottom and walls and the height of the grill itself. The shape of the grill should be spherical. Remember: to get a tasty product, use solid wood and fruit trees.

Few people know about the multifunctional Finnish barbecue grill. You can prepare food on the grill and barbecue module with several skewers at the same time. For cooking fish there are special boards with holders (fish on coals). This massive structure with a roof is made of concrete and steel. Such barbecue grill can withstand temperatures up to 650C. There are grills that simulate tandoor. For the convenience of the grill with built-in skewers there is a handle that allows you to scroll them with stretched products over the coals.

Misconceptions about choosing a comfortable chair for work in the office and at home

Buy a simple and cheap chair – why waste money?!

Unfortunately, that’s what most people do. However, if you work for a long time at the table and want to keep a healthy back, we recommend asking about additional adjustments and mechanisms in your future chair. Most of the time, there are no additional adjustments in a cheap chair – this means that your sitting in such a chair will be incorrect and as a result you will get quick fatigue, reduced efficiency and development of back and spine problems. Why spend money on restoring your health? It is better to choose a good orthopedic chair. Absolutely – it will be the right choice.

The label says “ergonomic chair” – this is exactly what you need!

Today’s range of chairs and chairs far exceeds the demand for them, so many manufacturers and sellers are increasingly using, for marketing and promotional purposes, the name “ergonomic chair” which is often not true. Be careful and always check for additional settings and functions in your chair to ensure that you have the best possible comfort.

Executive chairs are the best choice

The majority of modern chairs for executives and top managers are made according to the principle of a “single frame” (the back and seat are connected by a single frame) – this makes it possible to make the shape of the chair more elegant, diverse and even more pompous. In this case, this type of chair may have a good mechanism of movement of the backrest = seat, but the movement of the chair will always be joint, ie the seat will rise / fall after the backrest, which is not quite comfortable and useful for health. To avoid discomfort when the backrest moves, you need to adjust the height of the seat to the minimum position.
In other words, to summarize all the above – this type of chair is best removed from your list if you need a comfortable and “healthy” chair.

How to choose a good fridge without the obsessive advice of a consultant

Learn how to buy a reliable, quiet and energy efficient unit that will keep product quality and fit into your interior.

Consider the dimensions

Before going to the store, decide on the place for your future refrigerator – the model type will depend on it. Measure the patch of available space with a roulette. Write down the length, width and height. Make sure there is enough space to open the doors, check for a socket nearby.

Decide on the view and layout

Refrigerators can be single-, double- and multi-chamber. The first consist only of a refrigerating chamber. Sometimes inside, behind the same door, there is a small freezer shelf. The height of a single-chamber refrigerator, as a rule, does not exceed 150 cm, width and depth – up to 60 cm.

Now the two-chamber refrigerators are in the highest demand.

They have independent from each other refrigerating and freezing chambers. The first one is designed for storing food at 5-8 ° C, the second – for freezing.

The power of the freezer is indicated by snowflakes. One snowflake: the temperature is about -6 ° C, food can be stored for a week. Two snowflakes: the temperature is -12 ° C, the food is calm for a month. Three or more snowflakes indicate that the freezer has -18°C and food can be stored there for up to a year.