How to choose a recliner chair?

Which office interior item “eats up” almost half of the entire furniture budget for a new office? A work chair. And it’s also a suitable excuse for mass manipulation and shamanism: “Here’s a synchro-spectrum-super-mechanism, so 1099 euros is the best price for it…”

Jens Kapelmann, head of sales at Dauphin, one of Germany’s largest chair manufacturers, gave us advice on how to understand a million chairs and a billion options, how to identify a good working chair and, most importantly, how to choose the most worthy option for minimal money.

A few details:

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What is the load capacity of the chair, what is the maximum weight it can withstand.

This is important because if you have large employees, a normal model may not be able to withstand the load: On average, it is designed for 120 kilos of live weight. For such heroes it is better to choose chairs with a limit of 150, or even 250 kilos. In addition, a person will not sit still, he will sit, swing and move along the table, and in motion the load increases.

What is the support made of

Most supports are made of plastic or metal. But if the load is high, the crosshead must be made of metal, which will definitely withstand heavy weight. The wheels in the support have to be selected depending on the floor covering: plastic ones will scratch the hard surface like laminate and scroll a bit; they are suitable for carpeting or linoleum. For hard flooring there are rubber wheels with pads.

Upholstery materials

There are two basic types: leather (natural or eco) or textiles (again, natural or high strength synthetic). There can also be combined options. In any case, choose those that are easier to clean, to which the dust does not stick, they are less branded (there are fabrics that repel dirt, for example). Even a good upholstery lets air in, and it’s not hot in summer in this chair.

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The algorithm is as follows (all questions are arranged by importance, in descending order):

  • Is there any synchromechanism in the chair? This is when the seat and backrest synchronously and automatically repeat the movements of the sitting person: forward, backward, sideways. Thus, without losing contact between the spine and the backrest of the chair, a person is in active motion, the spine is relaxed, there is no extra tension on the muscles. That’s the main thing. Without syncromechanism, a chair is not a chair, but a stool with a backrest.
  • Is there an adjustment of the back resistance? Each person has a different weight, so the different forces we apply to the backrest of the chair should be compensated by its resistance. Otherwise fragile little girls will sit like soldiers, unable to fight the backrest. And the big men are eternally in a relaxed, semi-lying position, which is not well perceived by their superiors. Well, when you find the balance: the back should be relatively easy to deflect – but not so much as to “fly away. Adjustment can be mechanical or automatic.
  • Adjustment of the seat depth. It exactly has to be. Ergonomically, there should be a distance from the edge of the seat to the inner knee bend from the width of your palm. If it’s smaller, you “slide” out of the chair. If it is bigger, you sink into it, forcing your leg muscles to strain too much.
  • Is there a negative angle of inclination of the seat. And, at the same time, the backrest, less than 90 degrees – is when the backrest after the sitting, as if descends to the table. Negative tilt of the seat is necessary to get rid of excess pressure on the inner thigh, which squeezes blood flow in this place and the muscles do not get proper nutrition and oxygen. This happens when you have to work for a long time in the position tilted to the table (write with a pen, look at the data on the monitor). Require a negative tilt!
  • And where are my armrests? When you want to save money, the first thing you get rid of in a chair is armrests. And that’s a mistake. Armrests are placed in the same level with the tabletop, so the wrist, forearm and hand on the keyboard (or with a handle) is always on the same level. The arm (including the shoulders) is always relaxed. And it’s beautiful. There are no armrests – and all your muscles do all day at work is support your arms, causing shoulders to rise higher and higher, resulting in a slouch and increased tension in the shoulder belt area. In armrests it is important to be able to adjust the height and width of the armrests. All 3D and other mechanisms – from the evil one.
  • Is the height of the backrest adjustable? Specifically the height of the lumbar support. Okay, if so. The lumbar support provides the tightest contact between the back rest and the point of the greatest curvature of the spine. It is bad when the lumbar support rests on the buttocks or almost on the blades. The tighter the contact, the more relaxed the sitting posture. But, actually, the height of the backrest does not play an ergonomic role. It is purely a symbol of the status and importance of the sitting person, nothing more.
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A few comments:

  • The mesh backrest is as ergonomic as the normal cloth upholstered backrest. The mesh is more comfortable in summer time – it lets in air well, it is ventilated.
  • The headrest is a completely empty device. It has no ergonomic role. The headrest is necessary to show the status of the sitting person, to emphasize his high position.
  • The plastic base of the chair is not inferior to the metal one in its characteristics. Modern plastic in the chairs is special, high-strength. Calmly serves 10 years or more, not particularly exposed to any serious damage.
  • When choosing a working chair it would be good to pay attention to the fabric with which it is upholstered. The main characteristic of the fabric – the index of its erasability, wear resistance. It is expressed in martindale. For an office chair, this index must be at least 80,000.
  • It’s worth clarifying the type of wheel. They are available for hard floors (with soft felt attachments so as not to damage the floor) and, conversely, for soft floors (with plastic attachments so as to slide better on the carpet).
  • The normal warranty for a work chair is 5 years. If you give less, it’s a reason to think.
  • This work chair is not cheaper than 400 euros (the price in Russia, taking into account customs duties, delivery). If you need to save money: choose a cheaper fabric, plastic base of the chair, mechanical, not automatic adjustment, the backrest is lower. You can’t save money on mechanisms and armrests. Then it makes more sense to go to IKEA and buy a nice, cute stool. It’s the same result, and it’s also very cheap.

Armchairs advertiser, their features and types of constructions

Choosing furniture for interior arrangement, each of us strives to find the best option for personal convenience. We are all familiar with such a concept as heavenly bliss, which implies an unrealistically pleasant feeling. From all possible models of furniture, the maximum comfort and convenience will present the chair advertiser, and all thanks to its unusual thought-out design.

Design of chair advertiser

chair living room

Seats advertisers were first presented in 1928 in Michigan. Designers Edward Knabusch and Edwin Shoemake, who are the founders of the world famous Floral City Furniture Company, worked on the development of functional, comfortable furniture element. Today, the modern market offers a variety of practical and comfortable chairs for advertisers.

In modern developments of upholstered furniture one of the most promising areas is the production, production of models in whose frames for the transformation of manual mechanisms, electronics. Armchairs with electric drive are rapidly gaining recognition among consumers around the world and are considered the most comfortable models for leisure and for work.

Advertiser – an innovative version of highly mechanized chairs. Such models are most often used in the highest classes of aircraft, offices, fashionable hotel complexes, cruise ships, public places. Such a model can be used as a rocking chair.

Depending on the model, this element of upholstered furniture can be equipped with various types of mechanisms, innovative electronics, as well as have a variety of design and shape.

At first glance, at the request of the owners, the chair can be transformed into a comfortable rocking chair, comfortable lounge chair, to take different positions. You can increase the comfort of seats advertisers can be through multi-layer cushions, electronically adjustable armrests, delicate transformation mechanisms.

Manufacturers of furniture products design chairs advertisers taking into account the anatomical features of the human body, which promotes maximum comfort and relaxation. Regardless of the model, armchairs advertisers are an organic combination of unique exclusive design with a high degree of reliability of a specially thought-out design.

Principle of operation


When thinking about the interior of an office, it is important to find the optimal balance between classic design options and innovative technological advances. Such an organic combination of chairs with an advertising mechanism. Based on the name of this element of furniture, in translation into Russian “recline” means to lie down, get stuck.

Depending on the degree of angle of deviation of the back, leg supports, armchairs advertisiners support several basic provisions:

  • raised position – the backrest is deflected by about a hundred degrees. The leg support is hidden. There is a body position. It implies a slight deflection of no more than 115 degrees when the leg support is raised. This position provides maximum comfort while watching TV programs, movies;
  • Relax position – the chair is fully unfolded, the backrest is deflected by 130-146 degrees. The stand is fully raised. This option is suitable for relaxation, sleep, reading your favorite book.

Armchairs advertisers rotate 360 degrees, which is ideal for rapid adjustment of important work processes in the office. Armchairs with an advertising mechanism can be equipped with special mechanisms – gliders. By pulling a small lever on the side panel, the model turns into a rocking chair. The footrest takes a horizontal position, the backrest, the seat slightly deflected back. The rocking chair is suitable for relaxation, comfortable, pleasant rest. Measured swaying in the dim light of the lamp will distract you from everyday problems.

Features of transformation mechanisms

leather chair interior brown furniture couch

The position of the recliner seat can be selected mechanically or by means of an automatic electronic system controlled by the remote control. The chair mechanisms of the advertisers are responsible for every movement of the body. In addition, all devices are simple and easy to use. To transform a chair with an advertiser mechanism, simply press the button on the remote control.

The consoles have different designs and can be:

  • wired – they are connected to a power supply;
  • wireless (remote) – can work from a distance of up to twenty meters.
  • Armchair advertiser remote
  • Wireless
  • Armchair advertiser wired
  • Wired
  • Wireless remote controls are a more practical option, but in this case the cost of such models will be much higher.

In the mechanical variant of transformation, to change the position of the backrest, sitting on the chair it is necessary to press it forcibly. Under the weight of the human body, the backrest will gradually lean back, the stand will be extended. The mechanism gradually starts to fold as the body moves forward. There are variants in which there is a lever for quick change of model position.

Armchairs advertisers with automatic control system are equipped with an electric drive. Electric armchairs change their position (folding out) after pressing a button on the control panel. There are models equipped with infinitely adjustable positions, which can be fixed by choosing a convenient option for work, rest. In more expensive models, there is a function to record the most convenient, frequently used positions, which are activated by pressing the desired radio remote control buttons.

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There are three options for transformation mechanisms:

devices that do not have their own foundation. Mounted directly on the model’s wooden frame. As a rule, there are three fixed positions in such products during unfolding. The footrest is equipped with a stand “dolphin”, telescopic guides;
mechanisms with their own base. Provide rotation of the chair in any direction by 360 degrees. Such a system can be equipped with a device that provides wobbling (rocking chair);
mechanisms for modular structures. Built-in sofas advertisers. At your discretion, you can adjust the backrest positions for individual modules.
The choice of mechanisms depends on personal preferences, but in practice, a more convenient option can be called models with automatic adjustment of positions.

Materials of manufacture

Advertisers’ products usually have a classic, laconic, sophisticated design. For upholstery use practical, wear-resistant natural, environmentally friendly materials – eco leather, pressed leather, various types of textiles. There are models in which the upholstery is made of leatherette and leather. This element of furniture harmoniously fits into any interior concept of interior design of rooms and premises.

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The rocking models made of the following types of materials are popular:

  • velvet, velour – a pleasant to the touch material that quickly gets dirty. Such material wears out quickly and needs careful care;
  • natural leather – durable, easy to care for, but quite expensive;
  • eco leather – practically in anything concedes to a natural material, but it is much cheaper on cost;
  • jacquard – a beautiful material, distinguished by its durability and resistance to wear;
  • microfibre – a durable, pleasant to the touch fabric;
  • flock – easy to maintain material with a wide variety of colours and textures.

Birch plywood, coniferous timber of the highest category and other high quality practical materials are used for frame production. The cushion from polyurethane is made on special innovative technology. To give the products more softness, for comfortable rest is used synthesized. As a filler for the backrest cushion qualitative fillers of salt are used.

All models of advertisers are made taking into account the anatomical features of the human body, which in turn provides an even distribution of load on the spine.

On the back of the chair, which has anatomically correct shape, there is an area to support the spine. This design helps to relax the muscles if a person works in one position for a long time. A special roller reduces the load on the spinal column by keeping the spine anatomically correct, even.

The headrest of advertising chairs is adjustable in height, angle and has a practical ergonomic shape, which reduces the load on the cervical vertebrae in sitting position. If you wish, you can choose the optimal angle, taking into account what you plan to do – work, watch TV, read, just relax or unwind. In the unfolded version, the headrest serves as an orthopaedic cushion.

Manufacturers offer a variety of chairs advertising, so you can always choose a model that will harmoniously fit into the interior concept, design rooms. Armchairs with an advertising mechanism are suitable for home, modern office. Ergonomic shape, comfortable backrest, seat contribute to rest, relaxation, comfortable work.

When choosing a model, so that the design of the chair advertiser fits in all positions, especially in disassembled form, take into account the size of your room, office. Seats advertisiners are equipped with special mechanisms, which significantly increases the functionality of such furniture.

woman on recliner

Additional features

The choice of advertising models presented in the modern furniture industry market is quite large. For this reason, manufacturers are trying to equip their product lines with additional features and useful functions.

Among the most attractive additional functions of products with a mechanism advertiser can be distinguished:

  • the presence of a rotation mechanism;
  • a built-in rocking mechanism;
  • built-in massager;
  • most models with massage function support over forty modes;
  • reheating;
  • availability of audio system;
  • a memory card that remembers the most comfortable positions.

There are also specially designed office models of advertisers, which reduce the load on the spine, back muscular structures, preventing the development of serious diseases such as scoliosis, osteochondrosis. For this purpose, there is a whole system of exercises that can be performed without getting up from the chair.

You can increase the height by installing an additional round base. Perfectly thought-out functionality makes it possible to attach a netbook table to the chair, install a compact tea or coffee table on the armrest.

Furniture with advertising mechanism is one of the most successful, high-tech inventions of mankind. Advertisers will not only present unsurpassed convenience and comfort, but also will be a great addition to any interior.

How to choose an electric grill for your home: options, tips, best models

Are you having trouble giving up grilled food? And the lion’s share of the year you live in an apartment? There is no need to deprive yourself of your favorite dishes, because a device such as an electric grill has long been invented. Which grill model to choose, we will tell you in this material.

Spring and summer are barbecues and kebabs, but not always and everywhere you can grill food. For example, in winter, in a city apartment it seems impossible at all. However, such a representation is wrong, the main thing – to understand how to choose the electric grill for home.

Buying this kitchen appliance is not as simple as it might seem. There are quite a few modifications of this appliance, and it is not very cheap, so the choice of electric grill for home – it’s very serious.

The grill has many advantages, the main of which is that it allows you to cook many very healthy dishes. The electric grill can be used in any room with good ventilation and electricity. Usually it has a thermostat system to easily regulate the temperature, which is very important when cooking, for example, steaks. In addition, the electric grill heats up quickly and thus saves time, and thanks to the absence of open flames, it is safer than gas. Many Electric Grill models are lightweight and fairly mobile.

Different types of grills

There are several modifications of the electric grill.


The open type electric grill is most similar to a traditional street grill. Food cooked here needs to be turned over to be cooked on both sides. An outdoor grill allows you to grill thicker pieces of meat and often has a wider heating surface. In addition, an open grill is usually easier to grill than a closed grill. A pan of this kind usually has a smooth rather than fluted surface, so it is ideal for bacon, eggs and pancakes. Of course, meat and vegetables can be cooked here, but the typical lines left on food by the ribbed surface of the grill pan or the grill grid will be missing. When buying, you should consider that since the open grill is very smoky, you should provide a powerful hood in the room where it is located.

Closed electric grill: This appliance has a hinged lid that closes and presses the food. Accordingly, there are two heating surfaces: one at the top, one at the bottom and both sides of the food are roasted simultaneously. In a closed grill, the food is cooked faster, but its dimensions are compact enough to feed up to 2 people at a time. A big plus is the absence of splashes and smoke, as the lid protects your home from such “waste production”. Closed grills can be very small, table-top. Such models can be easily placed on the kitchen table. They are small and practical for fast cooking.

In addition, there are contactless electric grills where the food being cooked does not touch the heat source, i.e. the frying pan, but is cooked in a hot air stream.

In addition, electric grills can be different in type of placement.
The largest of them are called stationary. These are kitchen appliances for true lovers of dishes prepared in this way. They can be put separately or built into a kitchen set.

dish meal food produce

Portable devices are convenient, as they allow you to organize a “snack-brill” almost anywhere, even in the smallest kitchen. This is the reason why they have become particularly popular. There is a particularly high demand for compact models that are easy to clean after use. Among the compact electric grills, there are quite large models that will find their place, for example, in the country house. If you need just such a device, pay attention to the stability of the structure.

How do I choose an electric grill for my home?

When you buy an electric grill for your home, you should pay attention to the power of the device. The higher it is, the higher the performance of the appliance. The power of the Portable Compact Grill can be less than 1000 Watt, but the ideal grill should work between 1500 and 2000 Watt.

Material and shape of the frying pan surface: it can be either smooth or corrugated, made of cast iron or aluminium – both are good options. However, make sure that the heating surface of the grill is covered with a non-stick layer, otherwise the food will burn.

This factor is very important, so let’s talk about it in more detail. The best choice is an electric grill, whose surface is suitable for any dish. It can be either corrugated or smooth, or it can be equipped with interchangeable panels made of heat-resistant materials such as stainless steel or aluminium. Today, electric grills with a heating surface made of vitrified clay are also produced, but such appliances, for all their beauty, have all the disadvantages of this material, for example, the frying pan can simply crack if you splash cold water on it without letting it cool enough.

Temperature control: an electric grill is usually equipped with a digital or mechanical cooking temperature controller.

meat in grill

The presence of a container for collecting fat. This is especially important if you are planning to buy an open type grill, but it is preferable to choose a closed model that has a similar tray.

A heat indicator to indicate that the surface of the pan has reached the desired temperature. Many electric grills also have a timer and an automatic shut-off function.

Finally, the device should be easy to handle and clean. The big advantage is the removable accessories that can be washed in the dishwasher. In addition, their presence extends the functionality of the device by allowing you to bake, for example, waffles or roast a sandwich.

It should also be mentioned that each manufacturer offers some “chip” that makes its device unique. For example, we liked the idea of having a special container in which you can pour a mixture of water and spices. When the water evaporates, it gives the flavor of spices to the dish.

So, let’s summarize: a large stationary open (and closed) type electric grill is suitable for a cottage or dacha: with its help you can feed a large company. However, it is only possible if electricity is not very expensive in your area. In an opposite situation, it is better to give preference to a gas device, for example.

A compact indoor electric grill with removable panels is suitable for a city apartment: it is practical and very convenient.

Electric grill: use and maintenance

If you just bought an electric grill, look for the best place for it. Of course, it is best to place it next to the nearest socket and 5 cm from the walls. Then you should heat it up to its maximum temperature. When the light goes out, you can set the temperature needed for cooking. Using a cooking brush, apply some fat to the heating surface, then place the food you want to cook. When the cooking cycle is finished, unplug the appliance. Please note that the appliance cannot be moved after it has been switched on.

Maintaining a compact electric grill is usually very easy as the appliance is mobile and the removable panels can be washed in the dishwasher. However, you should always clean the grill not only from the inside but also from the outside to avoid layers of fat. The outside surfaces and the grease tray can be cleaned with warm soap and water. By the way, it is interesting that grilled juice and fat can be used for other dishes. The grill grill grate should be washed by hand without using abrasives or hard sponges and brushes.

A few more useful tips

  • To avoid damaging the unburned surfaces of the grill, use a plastic or wood spatula.
  • Get a cooking thermometer to ensure that the meat has reached the correct cooking temperature.
  • If you add water to the grease tray before using the grill, the amount of smoke will decrease.

Popular manufacturers of electric grills

Today electric grills are produced by many well-known brands of household appliances. One of the leaders in this category is Redmond. The company’s range includes “smart” models, which, for example, determine the thickness of the steak and allow to achieve the desired degree of frying. SteakMaster REDMOND RGM-M805 can do this:

summer celebration dish meal food produce

The model has 7 automatic programs, including “Preheating” and “Defrosting”. The halves of the grill are rotated through 180°, so it can also be used as a barbecue.

Quite a budget version of the electric grill is produced by Maxwell. Thus, the model MW-1960 ST costs about 4000 rubles, but the dish does not dry out and at the same time it cooks quickly. The temperature can be adjusted, and the fat is collected in a pallet. This grill is a great way to cook vegetables and sandwiches. Unfortunately, it has a fixed frying pan.

For owners of small apartments, the VITEK 2630 ST, which is very compact and inexpensive, is the right choice. Despite its size and cost, the device has high power and hinged system (lid pressure can be adjusted).

For larger homes, Philips HD 6360/20 is the right choice. With 2000W of power, it can cook at different temperatures. Everything from the measuring cup to the glass surface of the lid is washed here. There is a special spice container in the design: if you put the right spices in there, the dish will be much more aromatic. The price of the device starts from 7000 rubles.

Excellent choice – Tefal GC306012, costs 100% of the money spent. It has removable panels that can work as a grill, barbecue and oven. This increases the range of possibilities: the device can fry eggs or bake waffles – and everything is equally successful.

Expert advice on how to choose your dishwasher:

Washing dishes for housewives is always routine. How can you avoid wasting precious time and cut out a few hours for home, family? A dishwasher is a great solution. Whereas previously the machine was only used in production, now every family can afford to buy it.

How does a miracle machine deserve the favor of so many families, besides saving time? Of course, by reducing water consumption. It takes up to five times less when you use it. So, a device bought for the price of ten or fifteen thousand will beat itself up in a few years.

How do you choose a dishwasher? You’ll find expert advice, some recommendations below.


Advantages and disadvantages

If you’re still wondering: how to choose a dishwasher for your home, whether it’s worth doing it at all, there’s an answer below. Like any other dishwasher, it has both pluses and minuses. Let’s deal with both separately.

The pros:

  • it saves time;
  • reducing water and electricity consumption;
  • prolonging the life of dishes; perfect cleaning of dishes, additional disinfection of them;
  • the ability to wash not only the dishes, but also toys and baseball caps.
kitchen machine


  • requires consumables (detergent, rinse, salt);
  • occupies an empty space in the kitchen;
  • buying a car is not a cheap thing to do. The price for a quality device starts from fifteen thousand; some dishes can not be cleaned automatically, and for crystal or cast iron such washing is harmful;
  • you have to wait for enough dirty dishes to accumulate.

Firm – for the device to work long, choose a proven manufacturer. Products of the brands Bosch, Siemens are well-proven. If you are wondering which device to buy for your home, German quality is an excellent choice. But it is best to read the reviews before buying.

Testing – after the purchase it is advisable to check the dishwasher immediately. If there is a malfunction in the equipment, it is better to return it to the store immediately.

Niche – for the car is to find a place in the kitchen before buying it. Most often the appliance is 45, 60 cm wide. If you have a small kitchen, choose a narrow dishwasher. The capacity of this machine is smaller, but it will perform all its functions.

Installation – only entrust the machine to professionals. A poorly connected appliance will spoil not only your nerves, but also the kitchen floor.

Facades – it is advisable to assign facades to those who installed your headset. If this is not possible, do not be stingy, make an appointment with a professional.

Another important criterion when buying a device – its capacity. Ideally, the dishwasher should hold dishes 2-3 times the minimum required.

Take note of the water and electricity consumption. Machines have different characteristics, and therefore different power consumption.

Take a look at the number of programmes if there are many dishes, especially different types of dishes.

The speed of the machine is influenced by the type of drying. If you want the machine to run fast, make sure that the characteristics include the turbo drying mode.

Keep in mind that the dishwasher is noisy when it is working. Machines that do not make noise above 45dB are considered quiet.

Dishwasher advice


You’ve decided that you need a dishwasher – what’s next? First select the type of miracle unit.

Dishwashers can be tabletop or non-built, built-in, partially built-in. We’ll look at each type separately below.

Desktop dishwasher is a compact machine with a microwave oven. This “baby” will clean 5 sets of dishes per cycle on average. For a family of three or a bachelor is quite enough.

Built-in – this device is fully integrated into the kitchen headset. The front panel is hung with a facade. This is the most typical, rational installation of a new purchase. This way, the appearance of your kitchen doesn’t get spoiled.

Partially built-in – a device that only partially integrates into the headset. In case you don’t want to install a facade or the device doesn’t fit your size.

How do I choose a built-in dishwasher?

If you are wondering how to choose an integrated dishwasher, we would like to give you a few recommendations on how to choose the right dishwasher:

  • Embedded type – as already mentioned, dishwashers can be partially or fully embedded. Determine which type is best for you.
  • Dimensions – converting a headset to a new one usually makes no sense. The best solution is to take preliminary measurements and then go to the store.
  • The software – drying, cleaning the dishes, water temperature, all this is controlled by the program. Everyone is able to choose the functionality for themselves.
  • Timer delay – a very useful function. With it you can save even more by moving the dishes to the night (electricity will be cheaper). It is also a great option for those who do not stay at home. Set the timer – the appliances will start themselves, will wash everything.
  • Recovering water – modern units themselves achieve the necessary indicators of water hardness. The dishes are sensitive to this. So it’s better to pay attention to new models.
  • Leak protection – nowadays there are special hoses with AquaStop system. If there is the slightest chance of a leak, water will not leave the unit.

Desktop dishwasher: which one to choose?

If you have a spacious kitchen, you can buy any of the dishwashers listed above. But what can you do when you’re cramped in space, your kitchen is small and the miracle machine is just as desirable? A desktop dishwasher is a good solution. Which one of the many models to choose from?

vehicle clean kitchen machine
vehicle clean kitchen machine


The quieter the car works, the more expensive it is, but if you have a studio apartment, a kitchen combined with a living room or you sleep sensitively, it is better not to be stingy. The quietest dishwasher gives you a noise level of about 38 dB. The average value is 44-45 dB, this noise can be compared to a normal conversation. There are cars that make up to 55 dB of noise, which is already uncomfortable.

For those who especially appreciate silence, there are cars with additional soundproofing. When choosing such a unit it is worth to carefully assess the size of the device, which can be significantly increased by an additional layer of sound insulation.


Among the most affordable dishwashers on the market are the Ardo, Whirlpool and Indesit models. Excellent quality and low cost proved production of companies Gorenje, Hotpoint-Ariston and Candy. Traditional leaders in terms of quality are Bosch, Electrolux and Siemens, but also stand dishwashers of these brands are more expensive, although in the model lines can be found and quite budget models. They will be distinguished by a basic set of functions and consistently high quality level. Miele technology belongs to a higher price segment and often has extended functionality.

Experts say that an indirect sign of a quality dishwasher is its solid weight. If the manufacturer has saved and abused the abundance of plastic parts, the weight of the device will be suspiciously low.

Choose Refrigerator

So it’s time to choose a refrigerator. Choosing a refrigerator in the kitchen… The question is very serious and first of all you should decide what kind of refrigerator your kitchen needs. There are actually a few questions that need to be answered: what kind of food, in what quantity will you have to store in the fridge? It is necessary to think over and choose a design of a refrigerator that it harmoniously blends in your kitchen ensemble! And finally what price are you ready to pay for this important household refrigerator?


The refrigerators intended for cooling, freezing and storage of foodstuffs and drinks include: autonomous and built-in refrigerators, freezers, refrigerating and wine cabinets with blind and transparent doors… For the time being, we will leave the portable and transport refrigerators alone. They include water coolers, ice makers for cooking food ice, ice cream and medicine refrigerators and many other highly specialized refrigerators.

There are three cooling systems: compression cooling, absorption cooling and thermoelectric cooling.

The vast majority of refrigerators are compression refrigerated. In a compression refrigerator, the cooling fluid (refrigerant) is circulated under compressor pressure. Compression refrigerators are the most economical and have virtually no volume restrictions.

Absorption refrigerators have no compressors, and circulation of the refrigerant is carried out due to heating of the heat exchanger. Absorption cooling is used on small and medium size refrigerators. With the same volume, absorption refrigerators consume more energy than compression refrigerators, but less than thermoelectric ones. The main advantage of the absorption cooling method over thermoelectric and compression refrigerators is the possibility of using alternative energy sources. Absorption chillers can run on liquid and gaseous fuels. Combined electro-gas chillers operate on direct and alternating current and on liquefied gas. As a rule, a gas cylinder with a capacity of 5 l is enough for 230 hours of continuous operation.

Cooling in thermoelectric refrigerators occurs when direct electric current passes through thermoelectric semiconductor plates. One part of the plates is inside the refrigerator chamber and the other part is outside. In cooling mode, the inner parts of the wafers are cooled and the outer parts are heated. When the current direction changes, the inner wafer parts are heated and the outer wafer parts are cooled. Electricity consumption by the thermoelectric refrigerator, compared to absorption and compression analogues, increases with the volume of the refrigerator. For this reason and the compactness of the unit, the thermoelectric cooling method prevails in mini-fridges.

If you are sensitive to noise and you are worried about even a slight noise, you can choose a fridge-freezer with thermoelectric cooling. Thermoelectric refrigerators that have neither compressors nor refrigerant are absolutely silent. Compression refrigerators necessarily noise, as there are no absolutely silent compressors. Compressors with external suspension make the greatest noise. The quietest refrigerators in their size group with linear compressors. Absorption refrigerators belong to low-noise ones. They produce only weak gurgle sounds when liquid flows through pipelines.

Refrigerator volume and dimensions

Kitchen Image

Dimensions are selected taking into account the space available for the refrigerator. The standard depth is 60 cm, but if the kitchen allows it, you may prefer a refrigerator up to 80 cm deep. The height depends on the layout of the chambers and can be from 50 to 210 cm. The widths of the refrigerator models vary from the standard 60 cm to 100 cm. The volume of the refrigerator should allow to place the products not close, but with a reserve of free space for air circulation. So, in more detail … For small apartments or those who do not need a large volume quite justified choice will be a small and compact refrigerator. Such models, as a rule, are single-chamber with a small freezer compartment located in the upper part (“freezer” may be absent). In terms of size, they reach 160 cm in height (there are also very small 50 cm), and the width and depth is usually the standard 60×60 cm. Their volume is sufficient for those who live alone, as well as for hotel guests. Refrigerators of “European” type can also be placed in a small kitchen. They are quite narrow (width 60 cm) and can be up to 2.5 meters high. The standard depth for European countries is 60 cm. Depending on the height of the fridge, the volume can vary from 200 to 350 litres. The freezer and refrigerator compartments are located above each other and have separate doors. For such refrigerators, the freezer compartment is usually located at the bottom, but the opposite option is also possible. Models of the “European” type are ideal for a small family, the only drawback is the inaccessibility of the upper shelves of the fridge for people of small stature, especially children. With a fairly spacious kitchen you can afford a refrigerator with a width of up to 1 meter. And, unlike the “European” type, they will be much lower (up to 180 cm) and more convenient for all with the same volume. Such models are typical for Asian manufacturers. Manufacturers of such refrigerators are mainly Asian manufacturers. These models are characterized by the location of the upper freezer. It is possible to choose a refrigerator of big volume among models “Side-by-Side”. They are a cabinet with two doors on the sides (freezer and refrigerator). These refrigerator models are available with volumes from 300 to 650 litres. Their dimensions are also impressive: width up to 1m, depth up to 85 cm and height up to 180 cm. Side-by-Side” refrigerators are designed for large families or for those who are used to preparing large volumes of food. Many well-known manufacturers have such models of refrigerators (LG, Samsung) When buying a refrigerator, take into account the size of the door – in the open condition they can severely interfere in tight spaces. On some models it is possible to change the side in which the door will open.

Energy consumption of the fridge

It is important to choose the right refrigerator for your kitchen depending on its energy consumption class. The most economical refrigerators are marked with the letter “A”. Next come classes “B” and “C”, which are not very different from the first and are also considered to be economical. Refrigerators with higher energy consumption (from “D” to “G”) are practically not available today. The difference between classes, apart from the energy consumption of compressors, is also in how long the refrigerator is able to maintain temperature without using electricity. So, chasing the class, you can overpay for the refrigerator. A significant difference in price between two refrigerators that are close to class energy consumption is unlikely to pay off. Therefore, the main thing that the economy is expressed by the letter no lower than “C”.

In addition, if you want the kitchen refrigerator to use less electrical energy, follow a few simple rules. First, do not put food in it that is above room temperature. Naturally, do not leave the doors open for long periods of time. And it is advisable to choose a place for the fridge as far away from the battery and the cooker as possible.

Stainless steel refrigerator beside white kitchen cabinet

Built-in refrigerator

The built-in refrigerator is good in that it fits perfectly into the interior of your kitchen. The refrigerator is closed by a door, only its temperature sensors and other indicators are visible. Thus, without opening the door, you can control the operation of the built-in refrigerator. The space underneath the fridge is used as a locker or as a dishwasher, for example. This is where its advantages end. The built-in fridge costs more than its analogues of the same volume. Besides, its useful volume is at least two times less than the total volume of space it occupies. As for the rules of operation and installation: slits should be made in the furniture for free passage of air to the compressor refrigerator.

Built-in fridges help to save scarce kitchen space and create greater comfort in the kitchen. In terms of basic consumer characteristics, they are identical to free-standing refrigerators. Most built-in refrigerators are 54-58 cm wide and 53-55 cm deep. Kitchen furniture is manufactured to these sizes, taking into account the necessary technological tolerances. For other sizes of refrigerators, special attention should be paid to the size of the niches in the furniture. The free-standing analogue is wider than the built-in model.

Refrigerators can be built not only in the kitchen, but also office furniture, a variety of bars and shop windows. For embedding recommend refrigerators of the same class of performance as the rest of the kitchen equipment.

Kitchen-builtin refrigerators

Built-in are single and double-door refrigerators with different chamber arrangements, refrigerated and wine cabinets, as well as vertical freezers. Freezers in the form of kiosks are not built into furniture.

A fully-configured fridge-freezer can be combined with a kitchen table, dishwasher and stove. The fridge-freezer and fridge-freezer of small height allow you to create an optimal combination and achieve increased comfort of use in a spacious kitchen.

The main difference between a built-in refrigerator and a free-standing one is in the furniture hinges on the doors and in the presence of fasteners for decorative panels. Furniture hinges ensure normal opening of the door when the refrigerator is tightly attached to the walls of kitchen cabinets and room walls. Fixing parts give the product an unattractive industrial look, but after embedding them will close the furniture panels. The front furniture panel can have its own hangers or hinges. In this version, it does not load the hinges of the refrigerator and is connected to its door by sliding rails.

Silver french door refrigerator

In the kitchen ensemble, the refrigerator can be completely hidden behind the furniture panels, or have open front surfaces of the doors and keep its “face”. The location of the fully-fitted BHP helps to identify the grille in its basement, which is needed to supply fresh air to the heating parts, compressor and condenser. In some models, an electronic control panel with colour LEDs and digital temperature indicators remains visible. The electronic panel above the door clearly informs you about the operation of the BHP, allows you to change and control modes, activate various functions without opening the door to its chamber.

Built-in refrigerators are generally more economical in operation than free-standing refrigerators due to better insulation of the walls. Fencings with decorative furniture panels help to reduce noise perceived by the human ear. The noise of a refrigerator built into furniture is less disturbing than that of a free-standing refrigerator.

It is not recommended to install the refrigerator next to a stove, oven or cooktop. For ease of use, the location of the shelves and sections, which have to be used frequently, should be at such a height that you do not have to either bend or squat or tiptoe to get the right product. It is best when it is convenient for all family members to use it. To increase user-friendliness, small refrigerators should be placed on a stand or placed under the worktop. The support for the refrigerator can be a furniture box.

When the BHP is built into furniture, electrical safety requirements and cooling of the compressor and condenser must be met. There must be sufficient clearance around the refrigerator for air circulation. Openings for cold air inlet in the lower basement under the refrigerator and outlet of heated air behind its rear wall shall have cross sections of at least 200 sq. cm. The air circulation duct must not be obstructed by foreign objects.

It is recommended to entrust the installation of the built-in refrigerator to a refrigerator familiar with the details of operation. An unprofessional installation may result in the refrigerator not working properly and the need to remake the already installed decorative panels of the kitchen furniture. It can also serve as a basis for removing your refrigerator from the free warranty service.

The basic assortment of built in refrigerators make single-door refrigerators and refrigerating cases in volume from 90 to 400 l. Single-chamber refrigerators have dual-vapor cooling systems and self-thawing walls in the refrigerating chamber. Volumes of freezing chambers from 17 to 70 l. The prestigious models have compartments of “freshness” in volume from 40 to 100 l. Some models have a “freshness” chamber, but no freezer.

Volumes of built-in two-chamber refrigerators are from 210/40 liters to 480/130 liters. Some of them have “freshness” chamber/separtments with volume from 40 to 130 liters. Volumes of swing models (side-by-side) are larger, but their share in the range is small.

Built-in vertical freezers have capacities from 67 l (Bosch, Siemens, Liebherr) to 215 l (AEG). Models with volumes of up to 120 litres account for about 90%.

Number of refrigerator chambers

labeled cans in fridge

The number of chambers is one of the main criteria for choosing a refrigerator. The possible number of one to three depends on your requirements for the functionality of a “food keeper”.

Single-chamber refrigerators are only small refrigerators with one door. They mainly consist only of a refrigerator compartment. But there are also models with a small freezer compartment, where you can put no more than 2 kg of meat.

Refrigerators with two chambers (refrigerator and freezer) are most common. The main criterion when choosing a two-chamber refrigerator is the mutual location of the “freezer” and the refrigeration compartment. Manufacturers create models of two-chamber refrigerators both with one door and with two doors. Advantage of two-chamber refrigerators with two doors is that at opening of one chamber the cold atmosphere in the second chamber is not broken. In this way, the electrical energy required to maintain a certain temperature is also saved.

On the basis of the separation idea, three-chamber refrigerators have emerged. But they have not become widespread. Partitions between the chambers “eat” the useful volume of the refrigerator. It is desirable, that the chamber which will be used most often, to be located in the upper part. Naturally, this does not apply to “Side-by-Side” refrigerators. An important detail in favor of choosing a refrigerator with a freezing chamber located in the upper part is energy saving up to 10 percent.

Cooling chamber

As a rule, a refrigerating chamber occupies the main volume of a refrigerator. There are many shelves and containers for different foods.

The shelves are either glass or grated. Glass shelves are good because they are easy to clean and look more aesthetically and beautifully. The advantage of grids is that they do not interfere with air circulation inside the refrigerating chamber. And, in general, any shelves, except plastic ones, are very durable, the main thing is that there are enough mounts inside the chamber. This will allow you to create any combination with the height of the shelves inside the refrigerating chamber.

The defrosting system inside the refrigerator works only in automatic mode. Today there are two main systems in use: the drip wall (“weeping wall”) and No Frost. With the drip defrost system, or as it is also called the “weeping wall”, moisture is collected on the back wall of the refrigerator, then drains into a special tray allocated for it and evaporates. Still, with such a system it is desirable to defrost the refrigerator on your own once in six months. Refrigerators with drip system are cheaper than those with No Frost system.

Silver side by side refrigerator

No Frost system is based on the principle of air circulation inside the chamber. This not only prevents frosting, but also maintains a uniform temperature throughout the entire space. Moisture condenses on the cooling element of the chamber, then is collected in a container from which it gradually evaporates. The only disadvantage of this system is that it occupies a useful volume inside the chamber.

Electronic control with digital thermometers provides accurate regulation within 1 degree, which guarantees the best conditions for the longest possible storage of fresh and frozen food. The built-in control panel with colour light indicators and digital temperature indicators provides clear information, allows you to change and control modes, activate various functions without opening the refrigerator door. The mains switch on the remote control allows you to switch off the fridge without pulling the plug from the socket. The “Child Protect” button on the remote control protects your fridge from accidental power-ups. The memory button turns on the electronic digital thermometer, which shows the temperature rise of frozen food during your absence.

“Fast cooling mode” in the refrigerator by turning on the fan allows you to quickly lower the temperature of a large number of products immediately after they are bookmarked, which contributes to longer shelf life. At the end of the fast cooling mode, the normal mode of operation with the fan switched off is automatically restored.

The “fast cooling mode” of drinks in the freezer serves to bring their temperature to optimal before consumption.

The “self-diagnostic” function in emergency situations helps to identify the cause of the fault and take the necessary measures in time.

The electronic calendar indicates the location of the product, the time it was loaded for storage and the maximum date of use. The electronic assistant can give you information about storage times, how to defrost the product and recipes for cooking food, but you will have to pay a lot more for this.

If your needs change periodically (e.g. in summer you need to store frozen foods and in winter fruits and vegetables, or periodically there is a need to receive large numbers of guests), you can buy a refrigerator with a universal camera. In the universal chamber you can set plus, zero or minus temperatures depending on the need.

For wine lovers we offer refrigerators with special shelves in the cold storage chamber, double-chamber refrigerators with separate wine chambers and special wine cabinets. Wine cabinets can be combined with each other, with refrigerators and freezers, installed side by side or one above the other.


Refrigerator with furniture and appliances

Depending on the location of the freezer, different designs are used inside it. In the lower part of the refrigerator, the freezer compartment is equipped with three drawers that can be pulled out. If the freezer compartment is located at the top, it is usually divided into parts by shelves. The main criteria for the freezer compartment are its useful volume and its ability to maintain a certain temperature. At different temperatures, food can be stored for a relatively long period of time. For storage for a week, a temperature of -6 degrees is sufficient (such fridges have one star). If the temperature is maintained at -12 degrees, it guarantees the safety of food for up to 1 month (two stars). If the temperature is -18 degrees (three asterisks), you can store food in a fridge for up to three months. If it is possible to set the temperature below -18 degrees, you do not need to worry that the food will spoil for at least six months. These fridges are marked with four stars. Defrosting systems are used both automatic (drip, No Frost) and manual. With manual defrosting systems, the freezer must be switched off after a certain period of time by removing accumulated frost and washing the compartment at the same time. When choosing a fridge, do not forget that the larger the freezer, the smaller the volume of the fridge. Think about which compartment you need more.

Woman in dress with refrigerator

Freezers are designed for customers who need to store large amounts of frozen food. A large freezer with a quick-refrigerator compartment helps save time and money on wholesale purchases of fresh and frozen food of high quality. Regular feeding with benign food keeps you in a good mood, healthy and able to work.

Freezers can be vertical in the form of a small nightstand (mini-freezers), serving table and cupboard, as well as horizontal in the form of a drawer and chest with the upper lid. Vertical freezers can be free-standing and built into kitchen furniture, with manual and automatic defrosting.

The efficiency of using the space occupied by small freezers is less than for large models of the same type. When using the same materials and technology, the same freezers of different brands have the same ratio of useful and oversized volumes. The higher the economy class, the greater the wall thickness of the freezer and the lower the proportion of useful volume in the overall volume.

If the freezer is maintained at a temperature not higher than -18 ° C, but conditions for rapid freezing are not provided, it must be marked with 3 stars.

Vertical freezers are more convenient to operate and take up less floor space than GEL, but are more difficult to produce. Even minor defects in the cabinet door seal result in significant cold leaks. Lowering the temperature of the outer walls at the cabinet door opening leads to misting, ice formation and freezing of the sealant. To prevent this from happening, the door opening is heated by electric heaters or pipelines through which the hot refrigerant circulates.

Wooden design cabinet kitchen

Horizontal chest freezers are less convenient to operate but are better at keeping the cold. With the same wall thickness and volume, chestnut uses less electricity than a vertical freezer of the same brand. Cold air does not escape from the chestnut even if the lid seal is defective. Chest freezers are designed for customers living in city apartments with spacious kitchens and utility rooms or in their own homes and cottages. They are preferred for long term storage of large amounts of frozen foodstuffs and are therefore used in small shops and catering facilities. The maximum volume of kiosks can exceed 600 liters.

The chest lids can be opened upwards or moved to the sides. The hinged lids are deaf. Sliding lids are deaf and transparent. Low-temperature kiosks with sliding lids are preferable for retailing frozen food and ice cream.

Most of the kiosks are simply equipped with wire baskets. Separate models have thermometers and alarm system for food storage temperature increase. The key lock is used more often in kiosks than on vertical freezers.

Most vertical freezers and almost all chest freezers have a natural cooling method and manual defrosting. Freezers in the form of a cabinet with automatic defrosting have forced cooling with a fan and not freezing walls. Automatic defrosting models consume more energy and are less reliable than manual defrosting models.

With the same dimensions, the useful volume of a free-standing freezer is larger than a forced-cooled freezer with a fan, and an economical model with thicker walls is smaller than a model with thinner walls and higher energy consumption. Freezers with forced cooling and automatic defrosting are preferred for use in high humidity environments.

The hygienic cleaning required for any refrigerator is the most time-consuming process in servicing a freezer. In normal domestic use free-freezers can be defrosted 1 or 2 times a year before a new load of products. Since defrosting is usually combined with hygienic cleaning, the laboriousness of maintenance of freezers with manual and automatic defrosting is almost the same.

Freezing capacity in large freezers is up to 40 kg/24 hours. Batteries of cold, forced ventilation by a fan and grate baskets help to increase the freezing speed of foodstuffs at full depth.

The duration of safe storage of frozen food in emergency situations can reach 70 hours without the use of cold batteries. The use of cold accumulators at full load of the freezer increases the time of safe storage by 8-10 hours depending on the amount of salt solution filled in them and the quality of wall thermal insulation. On large freezers this time may exceed 3 days. With well-established modern service, this time is quite enough to eliminate any malfunction in the cooling system.

Zero zone

The zero zone is a chamber or compartment where zero temperature is maintained with a high percentage of humidity. This ensures that food stays fresh for the longest time. This is convenient when you want to cook something, but not right away, but after a while, so there is no need to freeze the food.

Refrigerator compressor

Whether you choose a single or double compressor refrigerator depends on many factors. It is clear that a small refrigerator will in any case be with one compressor. Large refrigerators with one compressor manufacturers produce at a lower price. But thus the motor will work simultaneously on “a freezer” and a refrigerating compartment. That is, when it is necessary to lower the temperature only in one of the chambers, the compressor will cool both, while consuming additional electricity.

It is therefore advisable to choose a refrigerator with two compressors. Firstly, one motor is not able to cool large quantities of food quickly enough. Secondly, it is better to have a second compressor for a refrigerator with two separate, freezer and refrigeration compartments. In this case each of the motors will only cool the chamber strictly allocated to it, and the temperature for each of them can be adjusted separately. Certainly, models in which separate cooling is realised by means of one compressor are presented in the market, but such rather few. Additional advantage of the refrigerator with two compressors is the possibility of switching off one of them. For example, it is convenient to wash only one compartment, and to leave the second in working condition.

Ice makers

Small quantities of ice cubes can be cooked in ice moulds from a regular refrigerator or freezer. In fridges with ice makers it is possible to cook ice in cubes and crushed form in quantities sufficient for the needs of 1 family. In an independent compact ice machine designed for home and office you can cook 12 ice cubes in 15 minutes at room temperature or up to 1 kg/h of ice crumb.

Food ice is prepared using purified tap water or bottled ice. Volumes of cisterns for purified water are from 1 to 4.5 liters. Ice generators prepare ice in the form of cubes of various sizes and crushed. Built-in bunkers are used for ice accumulation.

Refrigerator for storage of cosmetics and medicines.

Most models offered to customers have a modern design and body made of plastic. A nice exception is that some DaiNet models are made in retro style, using wood. Typically, manufacturers usually vary the color – ivory, blue and blue shades and, finally, so beloved by women pink.

Cosmetics refrigerators are standardly positioned as a stand-alone stand-alone household appliance, some of which can also be powered by a car cigarette lighter. An exception is the German Biszet, which has produced a wall-mounted model for bathrooms and some models DaiNet, which hang on the wall. Among the main manufacturers are leading Chinese and Korean firms – DaiNet, Samsung from the well-known and such as Biszet, Shenzhen, Jianhui, Huangyan, familiar only to a narrow circle of consumers. We can also mention the American Uzo 1.


The volume of refrigerators for cosmetics is quite modest and ranges from five to thirteen liters – here again the leader is DaiNet, providing the widest range of models. The most popular volume is 6-8 litres, which will fit the whole set of cosmetics and perfumes from the shelf of an average beauty.

Volumes of refrigerators for cosmetics and medicines from 5 to 30 liters. The most common models have volumes of 6-8 liters. Some models of refrigerators have 2 compartments each, and one of them is without cooling. The uncooled compartment is used for cosmetics, which is quickly consumed and does not need long-term storage.

Optimal storage temperatures are from 9 to 15 ° C, in some cases up to 25 ° C. Lower temperatures and lower air humidity result in loss of moisturizing properties of cosmetics. Refrigerators for cosmetics and medicines are installed in the bathroom or bedroom.

Luxury models of refrigerators

user-friendliness, right down to the built-in computer. Among elite models refrigerators in the style of “retro” and exotic forms.

Electronic control with digital thermometers provides accuracy of regulation within 1 degree, which guarantees the best conditions for the longest possible storage of fresh and frozen food. The integrated control panel with colour light indicators and digital temperature indicators provides clear information, allows you to change and control modes, activate various functions without opening the refrigerator door. The mains switch on the remote control allows you to switch off the fridge without pulling the plug from the socket. The “Child Protect” button on the remote control protects your refrigerator from accidental power-ups. The memory button turns on the electronic digital thermometer, which shows the temperature rise of frozen food during your absence.

“Fast cooling mode” in the refrigerator by turning on the fan allows you to quickly lower the temperature of a large number of products immediately after they are bookmarked, which contributes to longer shelf life. At the end of the fast cooling mode, the normal mode of operation with the fan switched off is automatically restored.

Silver french door refrigerator

The “fast cooling mode” of drinks in the freezer serves to bring their temperature to optimal before consumption.

The “self-diagnostic” function in emergency situations helps to identify the cause of the fault and take the necessary measures in time.

The electronic calendar indicates the location of the product, the time it was loaded for storage and the maximum date of use. The electronic assistant can give you information about storage times, how to defrost the product and recipes for cooking food, but you will have to pay a lot more for this.

If your needs change periodically (for example, you need to store frozen food in summer and fruit and vegetables in winter, or periodically need to receive a large number of guests), you can buy a refrigerator with a universal chamber. In the universal chamber you can set plus, zero or minus temperatures depending on the need.

For wine lovers, you should buy a refrigerator with special shelves in the refrigerating chamber, two-chamber refrigerators with separate wine chambers and special wine cabinets. Wine cabinets can be combined with each other, with refrigerators and freezers, installed next to or one above the other.